Michael P.
The staff is wonderful, and my 7 year-old even got through a filling without any fright!

Connie B.
I was very pleased with everything. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the whole visit and I don't like to visit the dentist or doctors of any kind. They were very informative about everythin that will be done to me. They showed how much it would cost so I have no surprise expenses. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist.

Caleb W.
t'was the best! It was like having angels working on you!

April F.
Dr. Krueger and her staff are both friendly and professional. They explained step by step what they were doing and always checked to make sure I was doing well during my procedure. I enjoyed my visit to Krueger Family Dentistry.

Mic T.
Dr. Krueger is a wonderful dentist with a friendly, caring, and professional manner. She works hard to make the work painless (it was), and makes sure everything is right before you leave. I highly recommend her!

Patricia C.
Dr. Kruegar has always been very attentive and has a wonderful bedside manner. She is very knowledgable and will explain her procedures in detail. I have never felt rushed and she is sincere about wanting the best for her patients! She has great followup and will call her patients personally to check up on how they are doing. All in all, I couldn't give her a higher rating!!

I haven't been to the dentist for a while and the biggest reason is I had some really bad experiences as a child so I was extremely nervous. When I came to my appointment I felt welcome. The staff wa very nice and did a great job explaining things. I was most nervous for the numbing shots but dr. Krueger did a fantastic job and I didn't feel them at all... Honestly this was the best experience I've had at the dentist yet! Thank you!

Todd C.
Let's just put it this way. I am the biggest 46 year old wimp when it comes to dentist offices, I mean I tremble at the thought of doing inside and having work done. Dr Krueger has a way that makes yu feel relaxed and I seriously haven't had any pain. I really like her, she is sweet and her assistant is amazing ( Ashley) anyway for anyone who is scared of the dentist, don't be she knows what she is doing and the patient comes first.

Curtis F.
It was excellent. Dr. Krueger was very kind and gentle. She asked several times if I was O.K. I had NO pain at all during the time I was there! I was treated very professionally by everyone.

Tammy D.

One of my main deciding factors when I chose a dentist (as an adult) was "bedside manner"...except I couldn't think of what it was called or how to look for it in a provider. I saw that someone lef review who specifically mentioned her having "good bedside manner" and I thought instantly that's what I want. When I was younger, I had several somewhat traumatic tooth cleanings by a former dentist and his hygienists and it's kept me from going as an adult. I had a great experience today with Dr. Krueger and her hygienists. Normally, I'm not a big "review leaver" and in general the dental experience has given me great anxiety, but today I didn't feel like that at all. She was very thorough, answered every question I had and has EXCELLENT bedside manner.

Ben Hoffman
This dental practice is incredibly professional and courteous. They have excellent customer service and do great work. I recommend and will return to this practice.

Michelle Lnu
I just wanted to thank all the staff who were at the office this morning when Lily and I came in. It was Lily's first dentist appointment and she was terrified. Everyone was so nice and understandingwith her. Thank you!

Chrisenda Smith
I want to thank everyone at Krueger Family Dentistry for helping me complete a journey that started when Sandy Larson was my dentist at the same location. I came in with some dental problems that havebeen resolved thanks to this great group!!! My very special thanks to Ashley and to Dr. Rebecca Krueger!!! smile emoticon That is my BIG Smile!!! Thank you, Thank you!

Rachel Farrow
Thank you Dr. Krueger and Melodi for taking care of Justin's chipped tooth, you girls are the best! I am so blessed to have such a great dentist and team of hygienists and receptionists caring for myfamily.

Cheryl Moseley
Thank you so much for fitting me in so quickly yesterday and sorting out the problem for me I feel great today! You guys are the best ❤

Karen Case
"Thank you for seeing Domaneak. It was very kind of you to work him into your schedule."

Michelle Schoenberger
"Dr. Krueger and staff - you're the best!"